Book Stand - Wooden - Metal Page Holder - 8 viewing angles


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This Wooden Book Stand is made to order and generally takes around 7 business days to make and ship.
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This good-looking handmade wooden book stand will help you maintain a correct reading posture whilst sitting at a table or desk and therefore potentially help reduce the risk of neck and back pain. Whilst working at a computer the book stand can aid productivity by propping a book open beside a computer or laptop thus assisting faster typing and workflow.

The viewing angle can be adjusted to eliminate glare from daylight or bright lights reflecting off glossy book pages. As the book stand has a large and wide back, it offers greater stability when holding open larger books. The page holder is made from a single piece of metal and can be adjusted to suit books of varying thickness. When you need to, you can fold the page holder out of the way and place a tablet/ iPad on the book stand.

This book stand folds flat and compact, making it ideal when storing or moving. The book stand is a versatile tool and can also be used as a recipe holder in your kitchen, a productivity tool when placed beside a computer, to hold music notes when presenting at a conference/event or in a religious situation.

Our items are handmade and unique, on occasion they may contain traces of our workmanship. Please read our wood disclaimer.


  • This freestanding book stand is fully assembled and ready for use.
  • The book stand is handmade in Melbourne, Australia from laminate lined hardboard with a unique 8 position stay rack when holding large books open (e.g recipe books)
  • The book stand has eight adjustable viewing angles with a sturdy rear metal stay that fits snugly into grooves when adjusting viewing angles
  • The bookstand overall dimensions in inches is 18.9” L x 2.4” W x 11.8” H
  • Books are held open with a full-length metal page holder that does not impede reading and which will hold open a large range of book sizes of varying thicknesses. The page holder can also be folded out of the way to hold a tablet or Ipad
  • The book stand folds down to a compact size for storage and transportation and is solidly made. It is hard-wearing with an easy to clean surface


  • (mm): 480 W x 60 D x 300 H
  • (in): 18.9" W x 2.4" D x 11.8" H