Companion Cremation Urn - Wooden - Vertical Orientation - 10L


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This solid handmade wooden companion cremation urn in a vertical orientation has a 10-litre capacity to securely store adult cremation ashes for two adults. Sized to fit two standard plastic containers as provided by crematoriums. 


  • The urn for adult ashes is in a vertical orientation and features a timber decorative colonial moulding along the bottom edges.
  • The capacity of 610 cubic inches or 10 litres which is suitable for storing cremated adult ashes for two adults
  • The compartment for storing the cremated remains is accessed via the timber base plate which is closed with screws ensuring that ashes for two adults are securely contained within
  • Designed to accommodate two standard plastic cremation containers provided by most crematoriums
  • The internal dimensions for the ashes compartment are 16cm W x 25cm D x 26cm H (6.3"W x 9.9"D x 10.23"H)
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • Made fully assembled and ready for use
  • The urn is handmade in Melbourne, Australia from solid radiata pine
  • Made to order and generally takes around 7-10 business days to make and ship

Overall Dimensions:

  • (mm): 260 W x 440 D x 280 H
  • (in): 8.6" W x 14.2" D x 11.02" H

Internal Dimensions:

  • (mm): 160 W x 250 D x 260 H
  • (in): 6.3" W x 9.9" D x 10.23" H


This Companion Cremation Urn for adult ashes is a stunning tribute for couples and a symbolic way to be remembered and connected together for eternity. Companion urns are sometimes referred to as double urns or family urns and are large enough to hold twice the amount of ashes as our corresponding single cremation urn. The companion urn is handcrafted from solid pine and has been thoughtfully designed to securely and respectfully store cremated remains for two adults side by side. This companion urn placed can be placed on a mantlepiece or display cabinet and will be a memorial to your loved ones and will keep your treasured memories alive.

This companion cremation urn is in a vertical orientation and holds approximately 10L of cremated remains with a capacity of 610 cubic inches which is suitable for holding cremains of two adults with a bodyweight for each of approximately 305 pounds or 138Kgs. Alternatively, you could use this urn to store the ashes of a larger than average adult or to store mementos along with the ashes container etc. Access to the ashes compartment is via the timber base which is fitted with screws to ensure that the ashes are securely contained within. The urn has mitred corners to give a seamless appearance for better aesthetics. The urn features a colonial style wooden moulding along the bottom that add to its appeal.

The ashes compartment has been sized so that two standard plastic cremation ashes containers provided by the crematorium can be placed directly into the compartment without needing to transfer the ashes into an urn bag first. The internal dimensions for the ashes compartment are 16cm x 25cm x 26cm (6.3” x 9.9” x 10.23”).

The companion cremation urn is handmade in Melbourne, Australia from solid Radiata pine and is protected with multiple coats of lacquer which mean it is hard-wearing, robust and easy to clean. We offer the urn in a choice of 6 stains (Clear, Baltic, Dark Baltic, Walnut, Mahogany and Wenge) and 2 painted finishes (White and Black).

The featured cremation urn is in the Mahogany finish. Please refer to our colour disclaimer for more details.

Our items are handmade and unique, on occasion they may contain traces of our workmanship. Please read our wood disclaimer.

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Genuine Australian Made Product