Dog Bowls and Cat Bowls FAQs

How do I choose the right height dog bowl stand for my dog?

The easiest way to determine the right stand height for your dog is to measure from the floor to their shoulder (where the top of the front legs meet the chest) while they are standing with their front feet directly underneath them. If they are still growing, you will also need to take into account their final full grown adult height. This measurement is how high your dog bowl stand should be. Do keep in mind, it is better to choose a feeder that is a slightly lower than too high.

How do I choose the correct bowl size for my dog or cat?

To determine the size of the bowls it depends on how many cups of food you serve your cat or dog at mealtime. We use a standard 8-oz (240 ml) measuring cup when specifying the capacity for each of the bowl sizes. Please refer to bowl sizes and their corresponding capacity below:

  • X-Small: 1.5 Cup
  • Small: 2.25 Cups
  • Medium: 3.5 Cups
  • Large: 5.5 Cups
  • X-Large: 7 Cups
  • XX-Large: 9.5 Cups
  • XXX-Large: 11.5 Cups
  • XXXX-Large: 15 Cups

Do keep in mind the age of your dog or cat and whether they are still growing, you might need to factor this into your calculations when selecting a bowl size.

Are the Stainless Steel Bowls included?

Yes, the stainless steel bowls are included.

Can I purchase additional Stainless Steel Bowls?

Yes, you can certainly purchase additional stainless steel bowls. They are great if you need spares. Please Contact Us to organise additional dog bowls.

We have a tall dog e.g. Great Dane and was wondering if it is possible to get a raised dog bowl stand taller than 400 mm?

Yes, we certainly can make you a custom dog bowl stand to suit tall dogs. Please Contact Us to discuss this further.

Where can I find your full range of Raised Dog Bowls and Cat Bowls?

We sell an extensive range of raised dog bowls and cat bowls in different styles, sizes, heights and finishes. You can find the full range on our Raised Dog Bowls and Cat Bowls category page.