Elevated Dog Bowls Stand - Wooden - 2 Bowls - 400 mm / 16" Tall

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This elevated raised dog bowl stand is made to order and generally takes between five to seven business days to make and ship.
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This wooden elevated freestanding 2 bowls dog bowl stand is tailored for taller dogs. It adds rustic country charm and promotes better posture for your dog when eating or drinking as it raises the single stainless bowl 400mm /16” above the ground. This stand helps reduce strain on your dog’s neck, back and legs and it is especially helpful for older sedentary dogs, especially those rehabilitating after an injury. The 2 bowls dog bowl stand would suit as food and water bowl for your dog.

The included stainless steel bowl fits snugly into the wooden stand and the design reduces the possibility of the bowl from being tipped over and hence spilling the contents. The stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe and can be removed from the wooden stand for cleaning and convenience when serving meals. The dog bowl stand is fitted with a firm cross support for added stability.

The wooden dog bowl stand is handmade in Melbourne, Australia from solid Radiata pine and is protected with multiple coats of lacquer which means it is hard-wearing, robust and easy to clean. We offer the stand in 8 different sizes from XS to 4XL and a choice of 6 stains (Clear, Baltic, Dark Baltic, Walnut, Mahogany and Wenge), 4 rustic finishes (White on Dark, Aqua on Dark, Rubbed Walnut and Rubbed Black) and 2 painted finishes (White and Black). 

The stainless steel bowl outside diameter and capacity using an 8 oz measuring cup are: Medium – 7.1”/18cm and 3.5 cups, Large – 7.9”/20cm and 5.5 cups, X-Large – 8.7”/22cm and 7 cups, XX-Large – 9.4”/24cm and 9.5 cups, 3X-Large – 10.2”/26cm and 11.5 cups, 4X-Large – 11”/28cm and 15 cups.

Our items are handmade and unique, on occasion they may contain traces of our workmanship. Please read our wood disclaimer.

The featured elevated dog bowl stand is in the wenge finish. Please refer to our colour disclaimer for more details.


  • The elevated 2 bowl dog bowls stand raises your dog’s food and water bowl and promotes healthier posture by reducing strain on their neck, back and legs and is especially useful for taller and senior dogs
  • The design of the wooden stand ensures the stainless steel bowls fit snugly into the stand and therefore reduces the possibility of the bowls being knocked by your pet and spilling the contents of the bowls across the floor
  • The freestanding raised dog feeder is 400mm/16” tall and is available in 6 different sizes from M to 4XL to suit a range of dog breeds
  • The stand includes two dishwasher safe, stainless steel bowls is suitable for either dog food or water
  • The pet feeder is made from solid pine and is available in 12 different finishes clear, baltic, dark baltic, walnut, mahogany, wenge, white, white on dark, aqua on dark, rubbed black, rubbed walnut, black


Medium: 3.5 Cups
(mm): 440 W x 235 D x 400 H
(in): 17.3" W x 9.3" D x 15.7" H

Large: 5.5 Cups
(mm): 465 W x 245 D x 400 H
(in): 18.3" W x 9.6" D x 15.7" H

X-Large: 7 Cups
(mm): 500 W x 265 D x 250 H
(in): 19.7" W x 10.4" D x 15.7" H

XX-Large: 9.5 Cups
(mm): 560 W x 290 D x 400 H
(in): 22.0" W x 11.4" D x 15.7" H

XXX-Large: 11.5 Cups
(mm): 610 W x 320 D x 400 H
(in): 24.0" W x 12.6" D x 15.7" H

XXXX-Large: 15 Cups
(mm): 682 W x 356 D x 400 H
(in): 26.9" W x 14.0" D x 15.7" H

Bowl Dimensions:

The bowls are available in six sizes:

Medium: 3.5 Cups
(metric): Diameter: 180mm, Volume: 840ml
(imperial): Diameter: 7.1", Volume: 0.9 quarts

Large: 5.5 Cups
(metric): Diameter: 200mm, Volume: 1320ml
(imperial): Diameter: 7.9", Volume: 1.4 quarts

X-Large: 7 Cups
(metric): Diameter: 220mm, Volume: 1680ml
(imperial): Diameter: 8.7", Volume: 1.8 quarts

XX-Large: 9.5 Cups
(metric): Diameter: 240mm, Volume: 2280ml
(imperial): Diameter: 9.4", Volume: 2.4 quarts

XXX-Large: 11.5 Cups
(metric): Diameter: 260mm, Volume: 2760ml
(imperial): Diameter: 10.2", Volume: 2.9 quarts

XXXX-Large: 15 Cups
(metric): Diameter: 280mm, Volume: 3600ml
(imperial): Diameter: 11.0", Volume: 3.8 quarts