Hanging Pot Racks FAQs

How is the pot rack mounted on the ceiling?

The pot rack is mounted from 4 points on the ceiling. This distributes the weight evenly across the four corners and reduces swinging.

Do you provide mounting hardware?

Due to the different types of ceiling materials, we do not supply mounting hardware for the hanging pot rack. It can be easily sourced from your local hardware store.

Can I purchase additional S-Hooks?

Yes, you can certainly purchase additional S-Hooks. They are great if you need to hang additional utensils. Please Contact Us to organise additional hooks.

I have high ceilings, therefore can I purchase longer chains? 

We supply 500 mm (20") length of chain for each corner. We can certainly supply you with longer chains than our standard length. Please Contact Us to organise extra lengths of chain.

Where can I find your full range of Hanging Pot Racks?

We sell an extensive range of hanging pot racks in different styles, sizes and finishes. You can find the full range on our Hanging Pot Racks category page.