Product Specific FAQs

For question related to specific products, please proceed to the relevant product FAQ sections. For general product related questions please continue reading below:

Are your products handmade?

Yes, all our products are handmade, by us. We design, create, shape, sand, join and paint our own products with love! Once your order is placed, we begin to make your product. This ensures that, when necessary, we are able to incorporate specific requests from our customers. Please also refer to our wood disclaimer

What wood is used to make Fabian Woodworks products?

We generally use Radiata Pine or Hardwood timber (Tasmanian Oak etc.) that have been sourced from sustainable regrowth plantation forests and ensure our timber suppliers are PEFC Chain Of Custody Certified. 

What colours can I choose from?

We offer our Tasmanian Oak (Hardwood), Pine and Treated Pine products in a range of different finishes. Please refer to our Timber Colour Swatches page for more details.

How long does it take to make each product?

We require approximately 7 to 10 business days to make our products, depending on the size and complexity. If you have a specific time frame, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

How do I look after my product?

Our philosophy at Fabian Woodworks is simple, our handmade wooden products are made to last. Over their lifetime, our products will need a little care and attention to ensure they last for many years to come. As our products are made from timber (Pine or Tasmanian Oak) which are natural products, it will respond to its environmental conditions, please refer to our wood disclaimer. Do not use cleaners or polishes as these may cause permanent damage to the finish. Regularly wipe the timber surfaces to remove dust and dirt. Do not leave liquid to sit on timber surfaces as it will penetrate and may cause staining. Wipe up spills immediately with a damp cloth.

How realistic are your product photos?

We aim to convey the true character of our products through our photos but as our items are hand-made there could be slight variations in colour. Please refer to our colour disclaimer for more details.

Can your Spice Racks be Wall Mounted?

Yes, all our Spice Racks can be Wall Mounted. Please refer to our Spice Rack FAQs for detailed answers to this and many more questions.

What is the capacity of the Cremation Urns?

The capacity of the Cremation Urns is 5 litres or 205 cubic inches which is appropriate for a body weight of up to 138 Kg or 305 pounds. Please refer to our Cremation Urns FAQsfor detailed answers to this and many more questions.

Are the Stainless Steel bowls included with the Dog Bowl Stands?

Yes, the Stainless Steel bowls are included with the Dog Bowl Stands. Please refer to our Dog Bowls and Cat Bowls FAQs for detailed answers to this and many more questions.

From how many points on the ceiling can you mount the Hanging Pot Racks?

You can mount the Hanging Pot Racks from four points on the ceiling. This is the most stable and secure configuration as the load is spread across all the four points. Please refer to our Hanging Pot Racks FAQs for detailed answers to this and many more questions.

What is the Weight Rating for the Step Stools?

The step stools are rated to 150 Kgs. Please refer to our Step Stools FAQs for detailed answers to this and many more questions.

How do you remove rainwater from the bottom of the Umbrella Stands?

We supply each Umbrella Stand with a removable plastic cup that is placed at the bottom of the umbrella stand to catch drips of rainwater. This plastic cup can be removed and the rainwater discarded. Please refer to our Umbrella Stands and Crutch Stands FAQs for detailed answers to this and many more questions.