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Sawdust Rewards

Enjoy the benefits of being a Sawdust rewards program member.

As a Sawdust rewards program member you can enjoy Sawdust perks by shopping with us. Signup today and start earning Sawdust points right away! 

Start Earning Sawdust points today.

Join the Sawdust Rewards program by creating a Fabian Woodworks store account, you earn your first 100 points by simply signing up. Start earning Sawdust points by shopping for handmade wooden products on the Fabian Woodworks website, you earn 1 Sawdust point for every $1 spent. You can also earn Sawdust points by sharing and liking our Facebook page, following us on Instagram and referring a friend. There are no limits to how many points you can earn!

How to earn Sawdust Points by shopping.

Earning Sawdust Points 
How to earn points
No. of Points
Earn points for every $ spent
1 point per $
Like our page on Facebook
50 Sawdust Points *
Share a post on Facebook
50 Sawdust Points *
Follow us on Instagram
50 Sawdust Points *
Create a store account
100 Sawdust Points *

* One time only

How to earn Sawdust Points for referring a friend.

Give your friends a 10% off coupon gift for their first order. You will correspondingly receive $10 off when your friends make their first purchase through the Fabian Woodworks website. That's $10 off for you, 10% off for them. Just click the button to generate your code and quickly share. Its that easy. Win-win!

Using Sawdust Points.

No matter how you earn Sawdust points, whether through shopping, referrals and social actions on the Fabian Woodworks Facebook and Instagram pages, these Sawdust points can be redeemed as coupons. These coupons can then be used during checkout as discounts for purchases made on the Fabian Woodworks website.

Redeeming Points
Sawdust Points Coupon Amount
200 points $5 off coupon
400 points $10 off coupon
600 points $15 off coupon
800 points $20 off coupon
1000 points $25 off coupon
1200 points $30 off coupon
1400 points $35 off coupon
1600 points $40 off coupon
2000 points $50 off coupon
3200 points $80 off coupon
4000 points $100 off coupon

 * Coupon code does not apply to shipping. The discount coupon for the order will be distributed equally among all items in the order. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Contact for more information.

Click here for Sawdust Rewards Full Terms and Conditions