Spice Rack - Wooden - Closed Top - 2 Tiers - Stainless Steel Tube - 36 Spice Jars


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This solid handmade wooden spice rack can store 36 regular 40g spice jars. Can be used freestanding or wall-mounted, thus freeing up valuable space in your kitchen.


  • Two Shelves
  • Stores up to 36 regular 40g spice jars
  • Tall jars can be stored on the taller bottom shelf
  • Each shelf has a solid stainless steel tube to prevent the jars from falling out
  • Can be used freestanding or wall mounted
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • Made fully assembled and ready for use
  • Made to order and generally takes around 7 business days to make and ship

Overall Dimensions:

  • (mm): 415 W x 130 D x 325 H
  • (in): 16.3" W x 5.1" D x 12.8" H


This solid wooden spice rack can store up to 36 regular 40g herb and spice jars across two tiers, thus freeing up valuable space on your kitchen countertop or in your pantry. The spice rack has deep shelves which can hold up to 18 regular 40g spice jars across 2 rows, one behind the other. The rack has a taller bottom shelf to accommodate larger and taller spice jars.

The spice rack shelves have a solid stainless steel tube along the front to support the spice jars and stop them from falling out. We use stainless steel as it adds a premium metal finish, is sturdier and more durable than aluminium, retains its shine permanently and does not rust. The height of each shelf has been designed to fit the major spice brands (e.g. McCormicks and Masterfoods) and enough clearance has been provided so that one can conveniently access the spice jars.

The spice rack has a single piece MDF back which makes the spice rack one solid unit and prevents the spice jars from falling out the rear when used freestanding. Two concealed metal keyhole plates are fixed to the MDF back for mounting on a wall, it can also be conveniently used freestanding on a kitchen countertop or placed against a wall.

The spice rack is made from solid Radiata pine which is superior to Baltic pine. 

The featured spice rack is in the Mahogany finish. This spice rack is offered in a choice of 6 stains (Clear, Baltic, Dark Baltic, Walnut, Mahogany and Wenge) and 2 painted finishes (White and Black). Please refer to our colour disclaimer for more details.

Our items are handmade and unique, on occasion they may contain traces of our workmanship. Please read our wood disclaimer.

We have an extensive range of spice racks available in different sizes, styles and finishes. Please see our complete range of spice racks here.

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Genuine Australian Made Product